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Struggling with anxiety, fatigue, weight gain, IBS or hormone issues?

I strongly believe "When you feel good, life feels good!"

So why not invest in yourself for a change!


I'm Ashleigh Harrison, Qualified Nutritionist and Wellness Mentor. 

I help clients address their health concerns through eating nutritious & delicious whole foods while incorporating self-care and mindfulness techniques into their daily routine.

My intention is to help bring your body back into balance through healing foods & practices that best nourish your unique self. No "one size" fits all approach here!


Mindful Eating         Individualised Eating Plans Self -Love

Learn to listen to your body

& tap into your intuition

to make healthier food choices

         No one size fits all approach!

         Unique nutritional plans tailored

        to YOU & your nutritional needs

Reconnect to loving 

yourself as you discover 

a healthier & happier you


   Feed the Mind. Nourish the body. Connect to the Soul.


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