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I'm Ashleigh Harrison, Qualified Naturopathic Nutritionist

and Anxiety Health Coach. 


I help clients address their health concerns through eating nutritious & delicious

whole foods while incorporating self-care and mindfulness techniques

into their daily routine.


My intention is to help bring your body back into balance through healing foods

& practices that best nourish your unique self.

No "one size" fits all approach here!


Mindful Eating

Learn to listen to your body

& tap into your intuition

to make healthier food choices

Individualised Eating Plans

No one size fits all approach!

Unique nutritional plans tailored

to YOU & your nutritional needs

Self -Love

Reconnect to loving 

yourself as you discover 

a healthier & happier you


   Feed the Mind. Nourish the body. Connect to the Soul.


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  Ash is the first nutritionist I have worked with with, and she's given me an amazing experience! Within the first two weeks of working with Ash, I had more energy and was able to pinpoint some minor food allergies. She's really helped me narrow down what it is I need/want to work on when it comes to my health and nutrition. She listened to my concerns, took my lifestyle/health into account and offered up tailored suggestions as to meet my goals. She sent helpful eating guides and delicious recipes to aid in my nutrition journey and made herself readily available to address all my questions.

I highly recommend Novaturient for anyone's wellness journey.  

- Lauren G

  Ashleigh is such a lovely, kind and empathetic person that I highly recommend her for assisting anyone with their overall health and wellbeing journey and goals. I consider myself to be pretty healthy and well but I decided to take the hair strand test because I had one or two niggling issues / imbalances, despite my healthy lifestyle choices. The results were very interesting and I felt lighter and better the minute I started eliminating some of the things causing imbalances - as well as adding in the items that were recommended and showing as deficient in my system.

The hair strand test was completely painless and the results were incredibly detailed - far more detailed than any blood tests I've had in the past.

Included in the cost are an an in-depth consultation, a detailed analysis result and discussion, suggested meal plan and recipes and plenty of follow up chats and advice!

Well worth it in my opinion.  

- Jules

  When I met Ashleigh I felt comfortable enough to share my experiences & she immediately put me at ease with her calm & warm personality. She listened to all my concerns, questions and gave me useful alternatives & feedback. I learned some valuable tips and am grateful that I went to see her. Ashleigh is compassionate, intuitive & a knowledgeable being.

I definitely recommend going to her for nutrition advice and inspiration.  

- Layla

  Ashleigh is great! She gives you a meal plan to follow after your consult and also does weekly check-ins so see how you are feeling. It is really nice to be able to get that support.

Overall working with Ashleigh has been a really great experience.  

- Sam

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