About Ash

My Journey to find balance began a few years back when out of nowhere I started suffering from dizzy spells, a constant knot of dread in the pit of my stomach and anxiety attacks daily. After many tests and visits to the doctors I was finally diagnosed with GAD (Generalised Anxiety Disorder) and put on prescription medication immediately. Deciding to take the meds was the only option for me at the time, so I thought, and although they did help relieve the symptoms to a certain extent, I was just covering up the problem instead of exploring the root cause of my anxiety. I strongly believe that mood-related disorders such as anxiety are a sign of an underlying emotion or distress in the body that has not been addressed.

I lived in a reality of constant fear and panic, where from the moment I lifted my head off the pillow in the mornings, I was dosed with negative thoughts and a distorted, out of touch feeling with reality. I was constantly aware of my every thought and emotion - I was afraid of me. It was difficult for me to speak to anyone about this as to others you seem fine and more often than not when trying to explain what is going on inside your head, you get the impression that they think you are overreacting. I turned to food for comfort and started going out less and less as every social situation was a string of fearful events. I decided this couldn't go on forever, I needed to make a change! I packed up my things and decided to head for the calm waters of the deep, blue sea. It was whilst working on the yachts that I was handed the documentary, Food Matters, after having an anxiety attack late one evening. From here my whole perspective on how I was living life changed.

I immediately changed my diet, which I had perceived to be a relatively healthy one, but turned out to be packed with hidden sugars. I started practicing yoga and taking time each morning and evening to appreciate the rise and fall of the daily sun. In a sense you could say I was taking time to reconnect to myself! I managed to take myself off the medication 4 years ago and thought my anxiety days were over. However, in 2017 my anxiety came back with a hard knock but this time I knew the conventional method wasn't for me! I dove into a year of self-exploration and natural healing to have my anxiety disappear 8 months later.

This is where my love for helping others find balance through their mind, body & soul grew from. It is so important that when addressing any issue, that you look at finding balance within each of these aspects as they are interlinked & I strongly believe you cannot address one without the other!

My anxiety journey was honestly the last thing I was expecting, but in so many ways I look back at that growthful experience in awe as it is what I needed to reconnect to my authentic self & to start living a life I truly desire.

I am here to help guide you so you can live everyday feeling aligned, connected & empowered because you deserve it!!

Love, Ash  

 Feed the Mind. Nourish the Body. Connect to the Soul

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