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Daily Detoxing For Your Body & Mind


A new year is often a catalyst for change! We want to start the year off feeling energised, positive & healthy! However, often we tend to overindulge over the holidays leaving our body's not feeling so great and our mind's a little unmotivated. To get things back on track, we don't need to do a drastic juice cleanse or detox of some kind, although sometimes these are needed they can seem overwhelming - our body's actually detox themselves on a daily basis! :) Just by making slight changes to our daily routine we can support our body during the detox process enhancing our well-being.


Here are a few little things you can do daily that can aid your body in the detoxification process:

1. Eat fibre-rich foods to keep the elimination process flowing. You can eat organically grown whole foods such as fresh fruit, cruciferous vegetables - broccoli, cauliflower, brussel sprouts as well as whole grains and legumes. Beetroot is an excellent veggie for assisting the liver in breaking down toxins. Make sure to remove artificial sweeteners, refined sugars, alcohol and processed food from your diet.

2. Sweating helps the body eliminate toxins. Take a jog, go to a heated yoga class or even make use of a sauna.

3. Drink clean water. Good quality water nourishes the cells and helps eliminate toxins.

4. Support your liver with herbs or tea that include milk thistle and dandelion.

5. Ensure you get outside for some good quality air regularly and that you aren’t sitting in an Air conditioned building all day. If this is not possible then add air purifying plants to your home or office space. Spider plants and Peace Lilies are great options.

6. Dry brushing. This activates the lymphatic system stimulating blood circulation which assists the body in removing toxins through the skin.

7. Write gratefuls. Take time each day to write 3 things your are grateful for whether it's for the sunshine, your family, dog or your car. Anything you feel grateful for you can mention.

8. Limit your screen time whether on your phone or laptop. Don't go to bed having looked at your device and avoid looking at your phone in the morning until after you have had breakfast, showered or gone to the gym. Your mind will thank you!

And lastly…

9. Think positive thoughts. Positive thoughts can remove the negativity, anger or resentment that can creep in when you are stressed. Create a positive thought list & stick this on your desk. Any time you catch yourself having a negative thought change thew thought to one of the positive ones on your list. It can be a happy memory or a compliment to yourself - anything that makes you feel good when thinking about it.



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