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Do You Trust Yourself?

Let's be real here... has anxiety caused you to DISCONNECT from yourself? Or was the disconnection present way before the anxiety? Whatever the answer is anxiety can cause us to feel super VULNERABLE, alone & damn scared!

I know I lost trust in myself because I couldn't understand my anxiety & my fears seemed to all be around losing control. For example I was anxious to drive because I was scared I was going to lose control! This is so ironic because anxiety actually manifests when we are not in flow with life so here I was trying to control my anxiety when trying to control everything is why it manifested in the first place.⠀

So how do we learn to build up that trust again?

Learn to believe in ourselves?

Firstly, it is going to take some time but one way to start building that trust again is by reconnecting to ourselves through self-care. This is super important - you really need to spend time with YOU!!⠀

You need to know yourself to trust yourself! What makes you LAUGH, what makes you CRY, what makes your body feel GOOD and what choices don't! Connecting to yourself is the greatest tool when learning to trust yourself again! 

So what is one thing you are going to do today that will help you connect to yourself?


 Feed the Mind. Nourish the body. Connect to the Soul 


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