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The Emotional Link between Anxiety & Weight Gain

Why is it that some of us tend to gain weight when we are anxious and no matter how healthy our diet is or how much we exercise we can’t seem to get the weight to shift? I have totally been there and I understand what it feels like.

Feeling anxious can sometimes make us feel out of control so we focus our attention on things that we can control such as what we eat and how we choose to exercise whether it’s running, yoga, HIIT whatever movement that makes our body's feel AMA-zing. However, it can be very disheartening when the weight keeps shifting up or won’t budge. Now I am not one who advocates for restrictive dieting, removing any food groups or who thinks weight determines your TRUE beautiful SELF BUT I do understand the concern and frustration of wanting to feel LIGHTER & get back to that place where your you and your body felt good!

After doing some research and trying to understand the emotional link between Anxiety and weight gain, I learnt that the reason your body holds on to “extra” weight when anxious or continuously stressed is as a form of PROTECTION! Your body is literally keeping you SAFE – how amazing is that!! So the secret here lies in not giving your weight your attention BUT choosing to shift your focus on creating a space where your body feels safe & telling your body that your are safe. One of my favourite affirmations I told myself everyday was I AM SAFE. I AM LOVED. I AM PROTECTED.

Does this post resonate with you? I would love to know! Send me an email & I will send you my 5 TOP AFFIRMATIONS I used to help me with Anxiety.


 Feed the Mind. Nourish the body. Connect to the Soul 


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