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Why your Hair might be the answers to your health Qs


My passion for using holistic health and healing foods to bring my body back into balance was created from my own personal health journey with poor gut health, anxiety and hormone issues. I spent years trying to figure out what foods were nourishing my body and those that would cause my body to bloat up like a balloon :)

I kept a food diary, attempted trial and error but sadly, my food choices were becoming more limited as time went on. It was only until I discovered Hair Analysis that I had a turning point with my health. I no longer had to spend hours guessing and worrying about making the wrong food choices, yet again, that would leave me feeling uncomfortable and in agony. 

So, what is Hair Analysis you make ask?

Hair analysis is performed using Bio-Resonance technology that examines a client’s hair sample and provides an accurate reading on food intolerances, nutritional deficiencies and heavy metals that have been affecting the body over a 3 month period. It provides in-depth, scientific and personalised insight about the current state of your body and the knowledge of your overall health. 

Why do I prefer Hair Analysis to other tests?

Unlike blood and urine testing – where the results can be affected by the client’s last meal, current medication, stress or other factors, hair testing is not affected by such factors and can therefore store information accurately for longer periods of time.

Interested? So, how does the process work?

Book a nutrition consult with me so we can discuss your health concerns, lifestyle choices as well as identify your wellness goal. During the consult I will collect a hair sample from you and send it off to the lab for testing. The results will be sent back to me within 3 weeks. I will then contact you to schedule a follow up where we discuss and implement a nutritional plan based on the results. During the time it takes to get the results back I will provide you with a plan and goals to work on while waiting for your results.

Why I use hair analysis as a tool for my clients?

Hair analysis provides insight on what YOUR body is currently going through and that is why I love using this tool with my clients as it focuses on you as an individual. My focus as a Nutritionist is on the individual itself and creating a nutritional plan that works for you as each individual is unique and each health journey is too! From the results, we will work together to remove the intolerances, correct the deficiencies and implement better lifestyle choices which will aid you on your journey to wellness.

Through Hair Analysis I was able to improve my health and find balance again so if you are looking to start your wellness journey or would like to know more, send me a message under my Contact tab.

Let your Wellness Journey begin!



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