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Overnight Bircher Oats



  Gluten free

   Sugar Free


Bircher Oats, better known as Bircher Muesli, is a perfect breakfast choice to keep you feeling full & energised all day long. Usually made the night before & topped with dried fruit, raisins, cinnamon, berries and toasted coconut, this breakfast is packed with all you need to feel ready for the day ahead. Bircher muesli is different to regular muesli as the ingredients soak overnight making it easier on your digestive system.



Ingredients: Serves 1*

1/2 cup gluten-free oats

75g greek/coconut yoghurt  

1/4 apple

1-2 Tbs raisins

1/4 tsp cinnamon

Pinch Himalayan salt

Drizzle of honey (optional)

Chopped walnuts (optional)


In a glass jar or short drinking glass sprinkle a 1/3 of your 1/2 cup of oats & top with a dollop of greek/coconut yoghurt. Chop the apple into small pieces & sprinkle a few raisins & apple

pieces on top of the coconut/greek yoghurt.

Add another layer of oats & coconut yoghurt, raisins and apple.

For your final layer add remaining oats, coconut yoghurt, raisins, apple,  drizzle of honey, cinnamon, pinch of salt and chopped walnuts.  

Add any other toppings of your choice, cover & leave in the fridge overnight

Remove from fridge in the morning & enjoy :) It doesn't have to be made overnight but can be left to soak for 10-15 mins before eating


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