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Why we should be reducing our plastic consumption

Majority of us know and use items made from plastic every day, this is just a fact and part of our modern day consumerism and life. The problem is plastic is not biodegradable. Which means it doesn’t break down into smaller compounds to be reused.

If you’ve seen the plastic-free challenges, clean-up social gatherings and articles floating around on the internet lately then you most probably have some thoughts on the topic. As much as we want to make a change to better ourselves and the environment, it can be somewhat overwhelming not knowing where to start.

Here are some easy and practical ways to reduce plastic use and reuse.

1. Ditch the single-use plastic bags, straws, containers, etc. and use reusable ones

2. Buy a reusable water bottle and take it with you to refill throughout the day

3. Buy a reusable straw that you can use again. You can now buy bamboo, glass or metal straws.

4. Use bags for shopping made from cotton or cloth. Leave some in your car so you don’t forget them at home

5. Support zero waste grocery stores by brining your own containers and jars to fill up on your food items such as lentils, honey or coconut oil

6. Instead of plastic bags to store food, use reusable bags or store food in glass containers or jars

7. Instead of using plastic wrap for food, try out beeswax wrap

8. Make your own frozen food and skip the frozen food aisle which is loaded with plastic packaging

9. Make an effort to choose fruit and veg that aren’t wrapped in plastic packaging. Often in grocery stores there is a section where you can choose unpackaged fresh produce

10. Support companies that are trying to make a positive environmental impact by not using plastic to package their goods

11. Avoid plastic utensils. Wooden or metal utensils work just as well and can be washed each time instead of throwing it away

12. Make your own cleaning products and store in glass jars

13. Recycle. Make an effort to separate your trash by setting up another trash bin for goods that can be recycled.




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