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Treatments at Novaturient Hypnotherapy & Healing:

Habits & Behaviors:
Break free from smoking, addictions, or compulsive behavior with specialized therapies.

Weight & Self-Image:
Foster positive transformations addressing weight issues and self-image.

Mental Health:
Find relief from anxiety, depression, and phobias with targeted therapies.

Physical Well-Being:
Enhance physical well-being through postural stress release and body awareness.

Stress & Sleep:
Combat stress, insomnia, and burnout with holistic approaches.

Trauma Healing:
Navigate healing from childhood trauma, current stressors, or adult trauma.

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Consciousness Exploration:
Explore past life regression for self-awareness at profound levels.

Birthing & Fertility:
Prepare for a positive birthing experience with hypnobirthing or explore fertility therapies.

Chronic Conditions:
Manage chronic pain, fibromyalgia, IBS, and autoimmune conditions with specialized therapies.

Energy Systems Harmony:
Harmonize energy systems with chakra balancing, meridian balancing, and vagal nerve activation.