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Hypnosis, although often misunderstood and underused, is a genuine psychological therapy process that can quickly resolve many issues created by our modern-day lifestyles. Hypnotherapy involves identifying individual goals and uncovering possible underlying causes which lead to unwanted behaviour. Hypnosis, an extremely pleasant and relaxed state in which the parts of the brain responsible for processing and controlling body and mind are in heightened states of awareness, is then used by our certified practitioners to gently guide you towards discovering powerful solutions to achieve your goals. Once implemented, these solutions become automatic and the changes in yourself and your life can be seen almost immediately and seemingly without effort.

Our Hypnosis and Parts Therapy Practitioners have been professionally trained, and certified and are regulated by The South African Institute of Hypnotherapy (SAIH). As active members of SAIH, we are dedicated to ethical hypnosis practices that serve to enhance and benefit you positively, as required by your true self. There are no “one size fits all” therapy goals and practices at Novaturient Hypnotherapy & Healing, only client-centred, individual plans. Hypnosis is changing and healing – easily and holistically. While we would love to provide you with a list of issues and concerns hypnotherapy can assist with, this really proves to be quite long, to name a few, hypnosis can help you overcome Smoking, nail-biting and other compulsive behaviours, weight gain, eating disorders, stress, self-confidence issues, procrastination or successfully help manage chronic pain, migraines, and headaches, insomnia, anger issues, heal from past trauma, goal setting and reaching your full potential, or rediscovering your true self. Why is Hypnotherapy so successful? Well, instead of changing and bending yourself to suit a goal-orientated action plan, a solution uncovered in the state of hypnosis is already tailored to you individually, automatically taking your strengths, beliefs, and lifestyle into the equation.

It is a personal solution to a personal problem, the result of which is effortless success! How many sessions are required in the average therapy plan? While plans are individually tailored to maximise success, few clients need more than 3 Hypnosis sessions to achieve their desired results. Clients are also guided in self-hypnosis techniques during these sessions to assist them in overcoming any unforeseen obstacles without needing to book extra sessions. Our hypnotherapists are eager to answer any questions or concerns you may have about the hypnosis process, healing is our passion, so please feel free to speak to us.


Tailored Therapies

Our practitioners specialize in diverse modalities, crafting personalized treatment plans to address your unique needs and goals.


Certified Expertise

Led by a dynamic mother-and-daughter team, Janine Potgieter and Micaela Pieters, our certified hypnotherapists adhere to the highest ethical and professional standards.


Holistic Approach

Embracing a holistic philosophy, we integrate Hypnotherapy, Specialized Kinesiology, and Reiki to foster positive change in your body, mind, and spirit.


Client-Centered Care

At Novaturient, we prioritize your well-being. Our client-centered approach ensures that every session is a collaborative journey toward transformation, healing, and self-discovery.

Soothe Your Body & Spirit

Are the results permanent?
The subconscious mind accepts you will stop unless triggered again
Will I lose control?
Always in control throughout hypno – we just guide you. You will not share anything you are not ready to release or share
Can anyone be hypnotised?
Virtually everyone, some people go onto hypno easier than others, depending on your willingness, do you want to make the chance, if depends on your willingness
Number of sessions required?
It various on the concerm, generally 3 sessions, after the first it is easier to predict how many sessions is reqiured – sessions – on to two and a half hours
Will I remember anything after hypnoses?
They usually reember evrything that recurred during the sesin, amnseia accures in a very small part of the populations
Can you make me forget?
While it is possible, it is unethical. Every experience that we have contributes to to who we are today and that removes a portion of who you are – so no happy endings
Do I have to relive past trauma?
No, but you are not going to heal if what you come for is attached to it, past trauma in hypnoses is revisted in a safe and secure space where you can view it from a neutral prespective which enables you to learn from it. Be detached from the actual goings on, see different prespectives and understand the situation better in certain sercumstances
Will all of my skeletons fall out of the closest? Will I share all my secrets?
No you are fully in control and can choose what to share or not

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– Robert Waller

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– Jane Doe

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– John Doe

Treatments at Novaturient Hypnotherapy & Healing:

Habits & Behaviors:
Break free from smoking, addictions, or compulsive behavior with specialized therapies.

Weight & Self-Image:
Foster positive transformations addressing weight issues and self-image.

Mental Health:
Find relief from anxiety, depression, and phobias with targeted therapies.

Physical Well-Being:
Enhance physical well-being through postural stress release and body awareness.

Stress & Sleep:
Combat stress, insomnia, and burnout with holistic approaches.

Trauma Healing:
Navigate healing from childhood trauma, current stressors, or adult trauma.

Or contact us with your unique requirements

Consciousness Exploration:
Explore past life regression for self-awareness at profound levels.

Birthing & Fertility:
Prepare for a positive birthing experience with hypnobirthing or explore fertility therapies.

Chronic Conditions:
Manage chronic pain, fibromyalgia, IBS, and autoimmune conditions with specialized therapies.

Energy Systems Harmony:
Harmonize energy systems with chakra balancing, meridian balancing, and vagal nerve activation.